“We believe that a unique and extraordinary service encounter is the essential element for delivering a true hospitality experience.”

Hospitality bookends the entirety of the dining experience. Hospitality resonates from the first phone call to the front door greeting, from our personal appearances to our attitudes and a detailed dining room, from food and beverage to the energetic expo line and the dishwasher. Hospitality weaves its way through our building, our organization, our personal and professional lives and our brand.

For me, hospitality corresponds with family. Families are forever bonded with their household, with their community, with their history and with their reputation. Families offer warmth and shelter; creating a sense of security and comfort.

We’re grateful for the dynamic personalities that have understood and embraced our vision thus far. We believe that without a family we can’t continue to carry out our mission. Without our family bond, we can’t rally together and create true dining experiences for our guests.

How do we create a “true” dining experience? We make a connection and find common ground. We tailor guest experiences. We educate guests on our creative food and craft drinks. We give, we cater, we comfort, we converse and we invite our guests into our family. Most of all, we show our guests that we love them.

Our company’s name, In Good Spirits, has a jovial theme. It says that we’re naturally happy to be doing what we do. The word spirits has a playful duality, symbolizing our emphasis on beverage. But, most of all, In Good Spirits represents our vision of a true dining experience. There is no substitute for making loving connections with our guests. We believe everyone deserves to dine this way.


ANDREW FRITZ  |  CEO & Partner

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