The spirit of our company.

Passion for an extraordinary dining experience starts at the top. Our leaders all come from different backgrounds, but they’re the best at what they do and are hungry to empower their teams.

Bernie Kantak

Chef & Partner
Inspired by a lineage of Hungarian cooks, butchers and sausage makers, Bernie is no stranger to the delectable cuts of meat found on his menus. Bernie’s well-traveled comfort food doesn’t shy away from outside-the-box combinations and playful presentation. Bernie has showcased his talents at The James Beard House in New York and had his recipes featured in Bon Appétit and Food & Wine Magazine.

Andrew Fritz

CEO & Partner
Andrew is a hands-on restaurateur whose inspirations come from a mix of business education, talented mentors and a school-of-hard-knocks approach to the restaurant industry. Andrew has served on the board for Devour Phoenix, a city-wide coalition of select, independents restaurants and was name one of Arizona’s top 35 Entrepreneurs under 35.

Steven Faulkner

Band Leader
Ask Steve to name a few qualities of successful leaders and you may need to take a seat. He has an overwhelming understanding of the intellectual, physical, and emotional tools it takes to effectively lead a team, and he understands how to deploy those tools. In his role as the In Good Spirits Director of Operations, Steve inspires his leaders, and their teams, to consistently strive for excellence in their mission to provide magical hospitality experiences.

Owen Cole

Head Coach
Owen knows how to talk, that’s for sure...though he calls it “coaching.” But that’s what makes him a highly effective leader who has no trouble motivating his team night in and night out. His straight shooter personality won’t settle for anything less than each team member’s personal best effort. As the In Good Spirits HR Director, Owen is the glue that binds our organization together with his dynamic weave of workplace culture, accountability, and unabashed hospitality.

Robin Geraci

Director of Events
First impressions last a lifetime, and Robin is the golden standard of that rule. Her warming welcome coated with a vivacious laugh set the foundation for the personalized and caring hospitality she delivers for all of her guests. Whether she's handling large groups with multi-faceted demands or planning intimate events with the finest of details, Robin excels at walking guests through the planning process and then working with her operations teams to deliver "the promise."

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